Wesp Mechatronics bv was founded in 2000 at the hands of three guys that up till then had been developing high tech mechatronic equipment and processes for several years. We felt the technical challenges we were dealing with, had to be extended with entrepreneurial challenges as well. Since then we have focused on working with customers that have the same forward looking attitude.

Track record

With companies as Mercedes-McLaren, ASML, Philips, DRU among our satisfied customers we have shown that - even with a small team - we can make a big contribution to the success of a project.


We feel that a project should be looked at carefully from every angle before head diving into it. The more disciplines you have mastered, the better the end result. With our small team, we strive to be as well prepared as possible to face every multidisciplinary challenge. Hence our slogan 'Don't change your focus, just your point of view'


Although we master the individual disciplines that are typically found in high tech developments, we feel that working on a monodisciplinary project does not use our full capabilities. We excel, when we need to solve problems of a multidisciplinary nature and our mission is to help our customers to solve them.