Mercedes - McLaren

For the co-development of the Mercedes SLR between Daimler-Chrysler and McLaren, we have developed several production tools in the area of passenger safety.

SLR factory SLR chassis


For DRU we have developed an innovative way of remotely measuring the fill grade of fluid tanks. For food safety reasons this measurement needed to be contactless.

Beer tanks Weighing sensor


For a consortium of metal/glass construction companies, we have investigated and developed new technologies for uniquely and remotely identifying prefabricated elements on-site, so the logistics of the construction site can be facilitated.

Glass front Scanner Tag


For other companies we have done development of diffraction limited laser optics ...

Lens assembly Green experiment

... finite element analysis to design for thermomechanical stability ...

Deformation Stresses

... a heavy duty proximity sensor for the oil and mining industry, that operates in an environment of high temperatures and pressures ...

Proximity sensor Pump animation

... an inspection tool for examining the insides of natural gas ducts ...

Gas inspection tool

... and many more projects that we cannot disclose.